Brittany Hearon


Marshall Wade

Brittany Hearon and Marshall Wade

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Our Story

Although the couple briefly crossed paths at MacDinton's Irish Pub in Tampa in Fall 2014, it wasn't until the following year that they got to know each other. Brittany was invited to participate in the Brew Bus with her sister Lauren, who was conducting a marketing group project for the brand through her MBA Program. To Brittany's surprise, Marshall was assigned to the same group. Throughout the Tour de Beer, Brittany and Marshall spent time talking and laughing together, and by the end of the night Marshall had discovered the way to Brittany's heart (by serving her delicious Korean street food). The couple exchanged information before parting ways and planned to get together soon. From dinner dates to boating adventures to working on grad school projects, the two were quickly inseparable.

Not before long, Brittany realized she might be getting in over her head as she knew that she would be leaving Tampa for Houston to complete the final year of her doctoral training. Marshall assured her they would make the relationship work and, just a few months later, he took a leap of faith by moving to Houston with her! There, the couple's relationship continued to grow, they fell deeper in love, and, ultimately, they knew they were meant to be together.

During the couple's most recent stay in Cleveland, Marshall decided it was time to put a ring on it...after all, Brittany did move to the chilly Midwest to be with him! It was a typical grey winter day, but Marshall recommended the couple make the most of it by checking out museums in the local Wade Oval. The two finished their outing in the beautiful botanical gardens where Marshall got down on one knee surrounded by hundreds of orchids. In the magical moment shared by the two of them, Brittany eagerly said "yes!"

The happy couple is overwhelmed by the love and support their family and friends have shown them over the past few years, and they cannot wait to share their special day with you!

Eric Clegg